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We have temporarily stopped taking online appointments during the duration of the coronavirus outbreak — please give us a call to make an appointment.

We ask that you please wear a mask during your visit.

Back Massage

Swedish Massage

(30 minutes)----------$45
(60 minutes)----------$60
(90 minutes)----------$90

Massage therapy is a manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments) to enhance a person's health and well-being. HOT stone can be added.
(private room and shower are included)

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes----------$50
60 minutes----------$65
90 minutes----------$95

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage but with a deep tissue massage, your therapist applies slow, firm pressure to release muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

Salts Massage

Body Scrub

30 minutes----------$65

Our popular Body scrub treatment is the perfect way to end the busy week. The body scrub treatment sterilized and removes dead, flaky skin and leaves you with fresh, clean and smooth skin. It provides relaxed and revitalized feelings. (This Service include 30min Sauna)

Reiki Treatment

Organic Facial

75 minutes----------$110

A delightful and relaxing treatment, that teaches your skin to auto-regulate and keep your skin revitalized moisturized.(This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, face and shoulder massage and mask.)


Deep Hydrating Facial

60 minutes---------- $99

A hydrated skin is smooth and soft to the touch. A hydrating moisturizer helps to prevent water loss in the skin, giving you that baby bottom skin. (This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, face and shoulder massage and mask.)


Ashiatsu (Deeper than deep tissue)

60 minutes----------$80

Ashi-What! Ashi (foot) -atsu (pressure) is a deep, painless form of barefoot massage that you will love. Deep tissue massage fanatics often ask for more pressure than the therapist is able to consistently provide. Well, with Ashiatsu, we have the potential of applying our entire body weight when appropriate - can't get much deeper than that! (And a true lady never reveals her weight or shoe size, so please don't ask!) If you are looking for a massage deep enough to relax every fiber of your being.


Lazy Yoga Stretching Massage

60 min, $75

Uses acupressure, Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures to open you up and bring you back together. The practitioner moves your body while you remain passive. The work is all done on a thick mat on the floor. Unlike traditional massage, the practitioner uses no oil or lotion and there is virtually no rubbing though the practitioner’s feet may knead parts of your body. You remain clothed during the session so it’s best to wear loose clothing.

Revitalize Your Senses

The Concept

Green Leaf Wellness offers signature treatments in a breathtaking location in the Livermore area. Guests will learn to embrace simple luxuries through our wide array of relaxing, professional treatments.

Our experienced and professional staff believe in individual treatment and will work with you to understand and meet your needs. Whether you are new to massage & skin care treatments or a long time wellness enthusiast, our treatments are crafted to enhance your senses, inner serenity and your overall well-being.


Opening Hours

Mon-Sun: 10:00am - 9:00pm

Salts Massage

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1569 Olivina Ave #109, Livermore, CA 94551, USA

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